28.08.06 - “I feel like 20 though“ With this sympathic announcement 29 year old Frode Goa, Norwegian self-made skate brand founder and partner is on the spot to tell us more about Scandinavian Skateboarding. -FMCS.

Frode Goa in Chicago, USA. (Selfportrait).

Frode Goa, Founder of SHIT® SKATEBOARD COMPANY in a fresh interview at FMCS aka

FMCS: Frode, tell us a few things about you, your brand and your motivation to run SHIT® SKATEBOARD COMPANY
Frode: I have been skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing for over a decade. Close to two decades now. I started skateboarding at the point when the scene in Norway was very small, and skateboarding was not popular anymore, further more… on the contrary I have been working in Norway’s biggest, and first (and best) surf shop for ten years. I started at the age of 18 just as a part job.

I have been working as salesman, manager and also in the distribution/Import business part. Distributing Adio, Planet Earth, Arcade, Rhythm etc.

Click here to read the complete interview at FEEDMECOOLSHIT.COM

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