The story about SHIT®
Written in Isle De Margarita, Caribbean April 2008

What is SHIT®?
It is a brand with great designs, good product solutions and top notch quality - with roots from rough street-skateboarding in Norway (Europe) and influence and collaborations from all over the world.

Through the years we have developed our own style and become a hot garment to be owned and worn by skaters, snowboarders and surfers as well as street fashionists and celebrities throughout the world.

The name
Shit is a typical youth’s slang - that is used in all situations, both positive and negative -
it appeals and at the same time it is provocative.
The word is well known worldwide and some people use it a dozen times each day.

For a minor group of older people, usually in or with roots in US or UK, the name is at first impression more provocative than appealing. But after seeing what we deliver it gets accepted in short time. The word is getting more accepted and less provocative every day.

The intention is to make SHIT® an internationally known and well wanted brand. We consequently only use positive associations in every product in our portfolio as well as marketing and appearance.

The business was started in Stavanger, Norway in 1995-96 by Frode Goa, doing illustrations and designs on a hobby and freelance basis.
The brand (SHIT®), that is a Registered Trademark, was established together with graffiti artist Kim Stokke in the year 2000.

By then, Kim and Frode had been skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding for over a decade.

Our first clothes collection came in to about 20 core Norwegian skate shops in the spring of 2002, and has expanded rapidly in new markets and countries. (See more on Distribution in left menu).

Kim left the company in the beginning of 2006, and new people and designers came aboard together with solid investors – all seeking new heights and taking the mark to utterly the next level.

Stavanger (Norway) were opened 09.November 2007.
SHIT® FLAG STORE Oslo (Norway) were opened 17.April 2009.
We opened a SHIT® consept store together with a friend in Jeffreys Bay in South Africa in early 2007, but unfortunately it were liquidated in 2008. 
There are plans for new SHIT® FLAG STORES in Europe and USA in future.
Click here to see the "RAMPY" shops and to get contact information and visit address.

A lot of credibility and respect was well earned during the years for multiple reasons:
-delivering top quality at good prices
-doing a hell of a job for and with the team, presenting one of Europe’s tightest and best skate teams
-doing multiple activities
-operating very inclusive
-Lots of PR (Covers, check outs, interviews in mags and www)

SHIT® is a premium member of IASC (International Association for Skateboard Companies) and is proud to “PUSH SKATEBOARDING FORWARD”. We have joined forces with IASC since 2005.

Read more about our contribution to skateboarding community here.

Who, what, where, how and why

Everybody wants to achieve something, and have a job that they love. Everybody working for the company has lots of fun combining business and pleasure.

It is for sure a pleasure working with what we love, so the business, and business trips are pure pleasure for all in the company.

Where we are from and where we are based
We are from and based in Stavanger,  Norway, where we have our HQ, warehouse and web-shop located. Stavanger city has just over 150000 citizens and is located in the south-west coast of Norway.
Norway is a cold and wet country with a warm population, surrounded by beautiful and spectacular scenery, with steep mountains and a frisky coastline. Our summer is marvelous but lasts only from June to August. The rest of the year is pretty wet and gray.

Over here we skate a lot of good rough street spots, surf world class waves in a freezing cold sea, and go snowboarding in the near by mountains.
Also worth mentioning is that we do have a whole lot of very, very pretty girls who tease us and keep us going!

We do travel a lot, visiting friends, shops and distributors in different countries world wide.
We travel with good friends for many skate trips, surf trips and snowboarding trips around the world. And this means travelling with a mobile office, we barely sleep at home anymore.

The mission

Provoke the elder and the youth. Make people care about how they dress, look and behave.

We supply shops with our good shit.
Push skateboarding forward. Give the surf-snow-skate community inspiration and motivation. Get more kids stoked in this kind of "sport" as well as motivating the old school and older guys to get back on the board again! Also motivate people to do as we are doing. Playing along!

With our SBTC concept, (SHIT® BEST TRICK CONTEST), we reach many of our missions and goals. Expand the community, inspire and motivate skaters- and beginner skaters.

Why buy SHIT® instead of other brands
SHIT® is the shit! No doubt!

The family/Team
We have many talented, individual, kick ass, kind, skateboarders on our team.
Our team is constantly expanding, evolving and progressing.
We back up the ones who we see have a good individuality, obsession, and a lot to offer the community.
We are working hard to make a solid team. We are hooking up skaters, snowboarders, surfers, celebrities and musicians.
Luckily many of our team skaters are working for us, and this makes the brand solid.
(Read more about our Team here).

Last words
We are grateful for meeting all the good guys, nice moms and dads, families, skaters, friends friends and cute girls crossing our path. Inspiring us or making us step up in one way or another.

We appreciate the people that back us up and bless our customers.
It is our intention to supply the world with top notch quality and innovative products and good design.
It is all about having fun, enjoying the time and your life, hanging out, working and chilling with friends.

Founder Frode Goa with a wallride to fakie at Geoparken in Stavanger in Norway. (Pic: Martin Mentzoni)