Complete Cruise Board

28.09.07 - Yes! Here it is. The wanted, beloved, tiny and sweet cruiseboard...


Check this sweetie...

A exceptionally Limited Edition (L.E.) SHIT® Cruiseboard are in production these days – in a quantity of only 125pcs whom all are hand marked 1/25 and up to 25/25.
That’s what we can call L.E. for sure!

We are in a very positive human friendly and ecological trend these days and are therefore making these decks in 100% Chinese Bamboo.

L.E. SHIT® Cruiseboard Specs:

Deck size: 7,875x28.
Trucks: 4,5’’ (Narrow trucks with riser pads to avoid wheel bite)

Wheels: 59mm (39mm wide, Yeah!) in 82A Durometer. Blood Red.

Grip: SHIT® Talking Bubble Diecut Grip in L.E. Blood Red.


Nok: 2199,- Pre order price Nok: 1899,-*

Euro: 275,- Pre order price Euro: 238,-*

USD: 367,-  Pre order price USD: 318,-*
*Freight is included in this price.

Cruise with style with our L.E. SHIT® Cruiseboard.

Why? About the idea:
As a matter of fact, Frode Goa just took one random stock deck and drew a cruiseshape on top of it and the idea was to fix a sweeter cruiseboard than just using the normal deck shape with soft wheels as cruiseboard.
The shape was cut with saw by hand in Frodes basement.
After a lot of enquiries by skaters testing it during 2007 summer – it became a new hot product in SHIT® SKATEBOARD COMPANY’s portfolio.  

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