BRO instead of PRO

What is the SHIT® BRO all about?
After reading this you most likely will understand and enjoy our idea! It is simple, genius and not too serious!

Professional skateboarders all over the world often have their own Pro model (s). Most of them is well deserved but some of them is just gettin`em deck`s for nothing. The Pro skateboarder`s name is usually assigned with "Pro" or "Pro model" on the deck`s graphic.

Nothing here at SHIT® SKATEBOARD COMPANY is undeserved. We always have our eyes wide open on how the team riders skate and behave.
When we feel the time is right we can let our most dedicated skateboarders (that really does a terrific "job" skating and promoting the brand and themselves) design their own deck and wheel graphics together with us. We are proud to announce the riders name on the graphics too. They are truly our bro's, and that's why we intend to call it bro' model. (BRO MODEL).

We intend to call it BRO MODEL even if some of our bro`s sometime could be or are better than many skaters that have their own Pro models. Deck and wheel specs are all up to our fellow bro's to decide suited their personal prefer.