This SHIT® FLAG STORE is located in Stavanger in Norway.

Nice clothes on display on perfect custom made ramp curved "floor to roof" walls.

The SHIT FLAG STORE in Stavanger in Norway is our second FLAG STORE.
First it was Jeffrey’s Bay in South Africa, and then we opened our second the 09th Nov 2007 in the heart of Stavanger in Norway - the city were this striking Trademark was founded.

We have built and designed our own core shop located in downtown Stavanger, in jolly Ovre Holmegt (the street with crazy colored houses).
The interior and exterior is done in collaboration between architect Jonny Johansen (MNAL) and SHIT® founder Frode Goa. It is build by Steffen Storseth, Kjetil Dyngeland with founder.

The shop design is quite special and will catch the eye of real skaters-, designers, architects and interior designers for sure.

The deck walls.

The custom made Talking Bubble chaos roll in counter.

Opening hours:
12:00 - 19:00 (10-16)

Visit address:
Ovre Holmegt 25

4006 Stavanger


+47 51 59 51 58

Letter: Pb 2056, 4095 Stavanger, Norway