25.06.08 - Here you'll see the third part of the event that the whole world's skateboard community is joining and talking about. Skateboarders unite throughout the world, making some noise... Tune in to see the third part on a very colorful location...

The crew at Geoparken, a really cool recreation-park downtown Stavanger. (Pic: Cato Aurtun, © 2008) 

After skating for many hours people were just shredding like ever before. Mellow skating with some banger tricks in between.
The spot is called Geoparken and are just downtown Stavanger.
It is a recreation-park were elements are made to bear the heavy grinding. But the elements are a bit too complex for most skaters. So a kicker was the favorite element among most skaters.

Jani with a nice Pop Shuvit. (Pic: Jens Andersen)

Three buddies having a good time...  (Pic: Cato Aurtun, © 2008)

Mentzoni with a high Fs 50-50 Grind...  (Pic: Cato Aurtun, © 2008)

Off course Mentzoni sees a option for busting a crazy trick on a rare element he is going for it.
This metal part from off shore oil rigs are of solid metal and quite high. First time ever grinded...

A beautiful Kickflip... (Pic: Jens Andersen)

Let's go barbeque! (Pic: Cato Aurtun, © 2008)

After a good all-round session at Geoparken, with many new rare elements to skate, the crew heading for the SHIT® FLAG STORE were barbeque is on the program...

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SHIT® GSD® Part IV will be online soon.
-Stay tuned! 

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