The SHIT® REUSE PROGRAM is our contribution to a better world, trying to make a difference, and actually making an effort.
All our garments are human ecological and environmental friendly according to the Global standard Oeko Tex. So wear it proudly with confidence.
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We make an ecological line of skateboards made of Chinese Bamboo, (well, we just started!), that we named SHIT® CHOP STICKS.
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Recycle skateboard decks and hardware, form into new shapes and products reuse clothes and hardware.
Collecting used skateboard clothes and shoes and distributing these.
Contribute to make a difference in the world and taking care of mother earth. We have only one earth.

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Can you imagine that these products above are made of recycled skateboards and parts?

The SHIT JEWELRY is a bright and clever idea we feel is close to our hearts. And wearing the jewelry you state where you come from!

We believe that we can make a difference by acting and thinking smart.

We are making a difference. And by our actions we think it can have a positive impact and inspire consumers and other brands and companies to act.


Reuse skateboards and hardware
Collect used decks and hardware, recycle party of it and distributing in selective channels to 3rd world countries.

2nd hand skateboard clothes
Collect used skateboard clothes-, samples and shoes.  Distributing this in selective channels to 3rd world countries.

Worn out decks and hardware are reformed and used to many new products:
Door- and changing room door handles (SHIT FLAG STORE’s)
Canvas for street artists
More products and ideas are naturally in progress.

SHIT® SKATEBOARD COMPANY’s SHIT® REUSE PROGRAM collects worn out skateboards and skateboard parts, clothes and shoes in multiple ways.

We develop new products in new forms, and reuse products so that the products are not ending up in the bin.  

SHIT® REUSE PROGRAM, a recycle concept by SHIT® SKATEBOARD COMPANY, © 2008.