Wall of fame

Pleasure shooting himself wearing our Blink T-shirt. (Pic: Private)

Pleasure is a dude we luckily bounced into at one of his gigs here in Stavanger, hometown of SHIT. He was super stoked on the brand and we found the tune at once.

We are a big fan of Pleasure.

In July 2008 we launched the SHIT/Pleasure COLLABORATION project. That is unique of it's kind, and something we have ever done before.
The outcome was a sexy deck, T-shirt, pin set, sticker pack and a Remix cd specially for this collab.

Read more about the collab here:

We also made this cool indoor skating flick with Pleasures music. Click here.

Pleasure have two albums, named Pleasure and Pleasure 2. Both containing cool music.
Listen to his tunes on myspace. Click here.