This is the neck label for all the T-shirts in the SHIT® ÅMØY BRONZ H line. (Pic: Kim Laland/BITMAP) 

Is there a link between the bronze age and today’s skate and street art culture?
-Now there is!

We are very proud of doing this kinda odd collaboration with along some of the most conservative companies actually run by the Norwegian Kingdom, were they busted us ten years ago skating at their door step, and today greeting us for a great effort done and some amazing products designed and produced by us in a harmonic co operation.

We are stoked and thrilled that we could be a part of this remarkable and ground breaking project. 

These products have inspiration from over 3000year old illustrations.

Frode proudly showing design with inspiration from over 3000years old Norwegian rock carvings. (Pic: Jan Tore Glenjen, Stavanger Aftenblad)

The letters in this abnormal name of a Limited Edition line is of Norwegian origin and the word having them all is the name of one of the rock carving sites at an island in Norway just a short trip from SHIT HQ. Namely ÅMØY.
ÅMØY have a big area of rock carving sites that was our cathedrals in the past.

What would be more expected than to join our local Archeological Museum of Art and its partners to create some cool T-shirts and decks with inspiration from this spectacular Bronze Age?

Age (1800-500BC). The age of the Egyptian Empire, the Sun God and contact through all of Europe. Burial mounds were the Northern Pyramids and Rock Carving sites were our Cathedrals. Here - and on Gold and Bronzes – ancient symbols talk to us from 3000 years ago. Footprints, ships and circles symbolized The Sun God – footprints maybe even symbolized the Gods presence!

The 25th September to 15th February 2008, Museum of Archaeology, Stavanger shows the exhibition The journey of the sun. This is an exhibition that presents Rogaland as a part of Europe in the Bronze Age.

Beliefs or myths of the cosmic miracle of the sun traversing day and night - across the sky and through the sea will be the exhibitions main theme. The stunning objects, made of gold, bronze and silver - are borrowed from 14 museums all over Europe.
SHIT® ÅMØY BRONZ H Line will be on display and for sale here.


Electronica performance

From oct. 3. to 12.  2008 the famous electronica artist Biosphere creates new

atmosphere at Rock Carving site Åmøy.

The line contains 4 T-shirt designs, hereby two for girls and two for men and also a unique deck series by CONAN artist.

SHIT® ÅMØY BRONZ H Helmet T-shirt.

SHIT® ÅMØY BRONZ H Taking you back T-shirt. 

SHIT® ÅMØY BRONZ H Sun God Girls T-shirt. 

SHIT® ÅMØY BRONZ H Taking you back Girls T-shirt.

Click here or on the T-shirt images to order.

Original CONAN artwork is pryding the SHIT® ÅMØY BRONZ H BRO Deck Series.

Decks will be available to purchase online soon. Stay tuned!

We will have a Grand Opening party in October celebrating this project. Stay tuned for invitation and information! 

Our partners on this project:

Museum of Archaeology, Stavanger
Rogaland County

Stavanger city, European city of Culture 2008