Wall of fame
Dj Goldfinger

Dj Goldfinger with his choice: The white FADE T-shirt and white Fitted Hat. Here in our FLAG STORE in Stavanger. (Pic: Ameli Jakobsen)

One of Norway's hottest and best Dj's, Dj Goldfinger, got dressed up in our shop before his show Downtown Stavanger later that same day.
Dj Goldfinger was rocking the scene, and scratching in rhythm through the night in those fresh clothes on the pic.
He was very satisfied with the clothes and he said the clothes was awesome.

Dj Goldfinger has been living in Hollywood for a while and are just back home in Norway. Les Duex in Hollywood was one of his regular places to play, and he has also been rocking with stars like Snoop Dog.
He is also known for being a member of the Norwegian famous band "Klovner i kamp" - that was flow sponsored by us back in the days - and word on the streets say that those guys are cookin on something...

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