01.12.08 - Patrick Mesquita is a good friend, and he often travel together with our BRO Team skater Gustav Tonnesen. And on tour they film, chill and shoot pics of each other. This flick you are about to see is leftovers that really make you understand the level and standard of Gustav's part in our upcoming DVD named "HOLY SHIT®". You just can't miss this flick.

Gustav with a basic Fs Five-o in this leftover flick. (Pic: Patrick Mesquita)

If you are not amazed over our BRO Team skater Gustav Tonnesen's skills on the streets you will most definitely change your mind after this "leftover" flick. Our good friend Patrick Mesquita have made this nice leftover flick - meaning these tricks will not be seen in our upcoming DVD "HOLY SHIT®"...
Make yourself comfortable and check this flick out. And again; You better see it twice as there is much tech here and it is not to easy to see if it is regular or switch. -Enjoy and stay tuned for more soon! 

See the leftover flick here:

Patrick Mesquita made this flick with Gustav Tonnesen. Here is Patrick with a wallie Melon shot by Gustav Tonnesen.

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