01.06.09 - Our Austrian Flow team skater Thomas Schmid have been with us since 05 and he have done a hell of a job. He recently got this BIG 10 pages INTERVIEW in the Austrian skateboard mag TROTTOIR.

Thomas Schmid getting some well deserved cover in TROTTOIR mag. (This is the first page).

Pivot Shuvit to Fakie. (Page two). (Pic: Philipp Schuster)

Spread, page 3 and 4. Bs Heelflip. (Pic: Philipp Schuster)

This is not just a Bs Tail. It is a Bs Tail with a pop up on the end... Spread, page 5 and 6 (Pic: Philipp Schuster)

A steep and dirty Bs Ollie over the stairs. (Page 7). (Pic: Philipp Schuster)

What's up with that angry smile Thomas!?? (Page 8). (Pic: Philipp Schuster)

Thomas' creativ skating at it's best. Nosegrind To Fakie Pole Jammer. What about that!!? (Page 9). (Pic: Philipp Schuster)

Thomas gettin some dirt on his hands making that run-away ok. (Page 10). (Pic: Philipp Schuster)

Congratulations Thomas! Well deserved!
It would be lovely to understand Austrian, woulden't it!?

You will see more of Thomas here soon for sure! Stay tuned!

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