15.09.09 - The SHIT MARIUS SERIES were ripped out of the shelves - both T-shirts and decks. The iconic and traditional Norwegian pattern is hot as hell. Mixed with our top notch quality makes em worth each gram in gold! New stock from 3XS to 3XL available now!

HOT, HOT, HOT!!! This icon of a T-shirt is available again now! (Pic: BITMAP/Kim Laland)

SHIT® MARIUS® SERIES - Norwegian traditional design By SHIT®
For some odd reason we picked up the Norwegian ultra traditional wool sweater design MARIUS and played around with it on decks, wheels and garments. And upon showing friends and family the sketches some got tears in their eyes because it was so unexpected yet so lovely.
Showing the first prototype of our SHIT MARIUS Zip Hood made them all cry of excitement and joy.
This might sound as a gag – but it is 100% true.
They all wanted to pre order right away… So we just had to realize it.

Mixing our urban street skate image with the most known Norwegian piece of design internationally will be loved and hated.

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3XS, XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL and 3XL. So, weather you are small or tall, fat or skinny, baggy or slim-punk-rock-rat; you'll find your style for sure! (3XS is about 6-7 years, and a 3XL is about 197 years).

We have upgraded the yarn (fabric) quality utterly in 2009:
The yarn is top notch quality, and fabric is made with two yarn instead of one. Meaning they shrink less, and maintain the shape.
They also have side seams so they shall minimize risk of twisting.

All our garments are human ecological and environmental friendly according to the Global standard Oeko Tex. So wear it proudly with confidence.
This is our contribution to a healthier mother earth.
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All MARIUS® by SHIT® products are official patented and copyright with license to SHIT® SKATEBOARD COMPANY.

Read more about SHIT® MARIUS® SERIES here.

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