22.09.09 - Acey Slade is a world famous Rock Star. Playing in bands like MURDERDOLLS, WEDNESDAY 13, AMEN and TRASHLIGHT VISION states that his addiction and skills to music are huge. That he is a fan of SHIT is something we really appreciate.

Huuuush! Acey Slade in his favorite hoodie, the MM CROW, and Mentzoni's own designed SHIT BRO model deck! (Pic: Anne Lindfjeld)

Acey Slade is a Rock Star that our BRO Team skater Mentzoni is a big fan of. Mentzoni adore Slade's music, and Slade loves right back at us, posing in our MM Crow hoodie and Mentzoni's SHIT BRO model deck plus wheels. 
We're pretty stoked that a big star as Slade found the time to do a photo shoot with our cool clothes and skateboards. Notice the big SHIT sticker on the hovering army chopter in the background. Awesome!

Strike a pose! We salute you Acey!  (Pic: Anne Lindfjeld)

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