Wall of fame
AxCx, grind/noise/hardcore punk band 

AxCx's Seth, Josh and Tim outside a bakery in Stavanger Norway. Endoring the BOSTON cake sign in the window! (Pic: Ottar Stangeland, HAGGIS)

Anal Cunts aka AxCx aka A.C. (for censorship reasons), is a famous American provocative grind/noise/hardcore punk band. They have been around for decades and sold over a million records.
AxCx is known for being the most provocative band in the whole world.

AxCx were recently in Norway touring together with our good friends HAGGIS, and the boys loved SHIT® SKATEBOARD COMPANY.
On the pic above you see Josh in our iconic SHIT® MARIUS Series T-shirt. They all loved it!

We’re stoked to have these crazy Rock Stars rocking our stuff!

Check AxCx out on myspace!