22.10.09 - Halloween is back. And in good SHIT spirit we do our third annual HALLOWEEN COSTUME SK8 SESSION this year. We invite YOU all, big or small-, young stud or old fart-, on a fun costume sk8 session. This year we visit a new park. Namely...

We invite YOU and your friends to our annual SHIT® HALLOWEEN COSTUME SK8 SESSION 31.October @ Fredrikstad Skatepark!
This is a happy gathering in the spirit of Halloween. And we will have a lot of fun and a lot of laughs skating in scary and funny costumes.
Remember to pack up your Halloween costume and make sure you are capable of skateboarding in it!

Normally we have this event close to our HQ in Stavanger - but this year we choose to inspire people in another city. And it is the lucky skateboarders in Fredrikstad that are the chosen ones this time!
We are super stoked to come and kick ass in Fredrikstad Skatepark together with the Fredrikstad local heroes and zombies!

Last year's best trick winner, Kristian in Stavanger. Kickflip rock fakie.

We bring our Team Van with a tent and the car propped with stash. We will sell skateboards and clothing during the event with "horrifying" low prizes!
So bring em cash if you are ready for a good bargain!
Up to 70% rebate on selected items!

Doors Open 16:00.
We will have a best trick contest with price money ($$$) and some funny contest's about 17:00.
We bring a lot of prizes, and we will crown best costume, worst bail, best trick etc etc. 
Cc: 30Kr

The SHIT Team will be there;
-Kim Patrick Karlsen

+Flow skaters Marcus Vik and Jan-Thore Nilsen plus Boss Frode Goa!

-100% drug FREE
-All ages
-ONLY access with full HALLOWEEN costume


We do a Halloween costume sk8 every year, and you can read about previous events here:
-Pics and story about the 2008 event
-Pics and story about the 2007 event

Or you can log on Facebook and check out the pics from last year's event, plus much more, on our SHIT® SKATEBOARD COMPANY goup on Facebook.

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