09.11.09 - This year's Halloween celebration was insane. Over 100 skateboarders showing up, and some in wild costumes. There were beez, clowns, zombies, cowboys, Emil and much more. And the level of skateboarding in Fredrikstad is quite high! Lot's of pics...


First things first; Thank you all showing up! And a high-5 to all making an effort dressing up and skating in a costume! 

This year's SHIT® HALLOWEEN COSTUME SK8 SESSION is without doubt the best ever!
The park was propped with costume dressed up skateboarders, shredding the park on a high level. And many got very nice and smooth style. Props for that! Keep it up!
The two winners that was properly dressed up with Halloween costumes and also skating gnarly was Leo and Martin. And the little kiddoe dressed up as a fly was the best costume this year!
Congratulations guys!

Leo with one of his many gnarly tricks. Fs Nosegrind.

Click here to check out the pics from this jolly event.

Pictures by Remi Pedersen and Arnfinn Grindvold, © 2009.

Last and very important: Thanks to Remi Pedersen and Fredrikstad Skatepark for letting us pull of this great event! And thanks to the boys helping us out!
We can't wait to come back! ;)

We do the Halloween costume sk8 every year, and you can read about previous events here:
-Pics and story about the 2008 event
-Pics and story about the 2007 event

Log onto Facebook and check out a lot more pics from this year, and the pics from last year's event's, plus much more on our SHIT® SKATEBOARD COMPANY goup on Facebook.

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