18.11.09 - The secret is hereby revealed. We introduce Ellingsen as the new BRO on the Team. We are excited presenting the brand new SHIT Ellingsen BRO model deck, with Ellingsen's personal specs and special graphics.

Ellngsen with a Fs Boardslide on one of his many secret spots in Oslo.

Elligsen is our globetrotter on the team. And he has been traveling much abroad since he entered the team earlier this year.
He have been on tour and on random trips together with the team many times already. And Ellingsen is a guy that delivers, and stokes the kids. And he also get inspired and motivated by the kids.
It has been a interesting, hectic and cool process from when the decision to sign him as BRO was taken - until excactly this day when it is exposed!

Would you like a Coca-cola with it?

SHIT Ellingsen BRO model specs:
-Medium concave
-Wide round nose and tail

This is the coolest board ever by SHIT SKATEBOARD COMPANY, and its graphics is something "grown up" really can relate to. 
Ellingsen is AGT (Always Good Times) as the board graphics states. 

It is our good ol friend and photographer Kim Laland in cooperation with the Boss that have made the graphics.
The deck will be available in selected shops and online soon. 

Stay tuned for the ELLINGSEN BRO Introduction Flick!

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