07.12.09 - Our good friend Lena Skaar Storseth (SHIT® JEWELRY) is also a teacher, and she insisted on a recycle project with her class. The results are amazing. And the TV snapped it up as well. Tune in to se amazing products made of recycled skateboards and a TV report too.

A rad slingshot made of a cecycled skateboard. There are ton's of oppertuneties.  

We love creativeness, we love good hearted ideas, and we love our recycle project and we try to develop it further.
Our SHIT JEWELRY Designer Lena Skaar Storseth included her school class and multi talented brother and Firefighter Steffen as handcrafter specialist in a skateboarding recycle project earlier this winter.
They had a awesome time, and they were very creative and productive.

A innovative Skateboard Rack. Cool or what?

To check out more products in our picture gallery click here!

The outcome of this project is really overwhelming and also just the top of an iceberg.

Click here or on the pic above to check out the TV report!

A special thanks to Lena, Steffen and Arvid!
And a High-5 and warm thanks to the class that was lucky to join and that was super creative and productive!

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