13.11.09 - This is our most controversy product development. It is a clever "2 in 1" product. You can skate and schred with it and you can get emotional and spiritual, and contact the dark side. !!! Be aware of strong content !!!

Be aware. Know your limits.

A real Ouija (skate)board.

Exactly today's date, Friday 13. 2009, is carefully chosen upon a launch of this special dark collaboration.
We will most likely never do anything as crazy and dark as this. We reach the total outer point of how dark we possibly can go!
This is a collab that we're very proud of. And we hope you like it!
This dark SHIT®/1349 collab is something that our BRO skater Mentzoni especially is super stoked about. It is a collab with Norway's dark metal band 1349 that Mentzoni himself is a big fan of.
It is Mentzoni's own favorite BRO deck after his personal specifications. 8,125 wide, with big nose and tail.
It becomes natural to launch this special collab in these cold and dark Norwegian winter nights. 
This is Mentzoni's own SHIT 09-10 BRO deck with his own personal specs.

2 in 1
The board is very practical. You can skate it and you can reach the dark side.
It is a fully functional Ouija board.
Perfect for some spiritism after a good skate session these chill nights. 

This is NOT a guitar pick. It is a full scale Ouija board planchette (pointer) sticker. It is approx 15cm and comes with every board.

Facts about the Ouija board
Ouija boards came into existence as a parlor game in the mid-1800's, when spiritism and channeling were at the height of fashion. The word "Ouija" is a blend of the French and German words for "yes."
Many people are deceived into believing that Ouija Boards are just a game. It is not!
It can be a helpful tool for people that believes in spiritizm. The Ouija board can give advice, or even guide a person in a certain direction.

The Ouija board appear to be innocent at first, but soon a person finds themselves addicted to guidance from the spirit world - thereby allowing Satan to control and destroy their life.

The Norwegian Black Metal band 1349. (Pic: Alexander Langholt)

1349 Biography
1349 is the year that the Black Death entered Norway.
1349 is the soundscape to Hell, unrelenting and intense.
Formed in the late 90s as an antidote to indifferent "black metal", 1349 grew rapidly into a beast, delivering scathing live performances in Europe and the US.
3 albums in 3 years reset the standard again for fast, no-holds-barred Black Metal in the old tradition, but the aspirations of 1349 did not end there.
Intensely individualistic and eager to descend deep into the spirit of Black Metal, the new album Revelations of the Black Flame sees 1349 entrenched in the ultimate depths of hell.  

Visit 1349's site and read the whole biography by clicking here.

Don't try this home alone.
Use with care!
It may cause personal psychological damage! 
Spiritism can be dangerous.
Use it on your own risk - skateboarding or contacting the dark side.
Use with fully carefulness!

Read more about Ouija bords and be aware online.