25.01.10 - We kicked off 2010 with a team trip to Barcelona end of December and beginning of January. Chillin, filming and shooting pics and enjoing life. Here is part II of our "SHIT 2010 KICK OFF TOUR" in Barcelona.

Our newly crowned BRO Team skater Ellingsen with a wallie Bs 50-50 grind. (Pic: Frode Goa)

Here is second part of our 2010 KICK OFF. This is ONLY pictures that are socald leftovers. Meaning all the BANGERS will be published later on here on and on upcoming ad's and marketing events. 
The pic above from where Ellingsen is doing a wallie Bs 50-50 grind, popping into a steep and rough brick bank and then out in the streets are filmed as well, and will be shown in our upcoming DVD project with the working title "HOLY SHIT!" 
This spot is totally downtown in Barcelona and are totally BUST. You can skate in up to ten minutes, and twenty police cars drive by and look with evil eyes on you, and then a cop some and kick you out. We were lucky that nobody got busted and no skateboards or foto/film equipment got confisticated... 

Below here you have a thumbnail-taste of some that what went down in Barca. Click the collage-image below or click here to go to the gallery.

Here you have a mellow Barcelona flick filmed and edited with iPhone.

(Filmed and edited by Frode Goa)

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We're happy about rolling in to 2010 and sharing it with you!

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