15.02.10 - Our friend Alex Holm joined us breaking in to Tacky HQ to get to skate the mellow ramp in their offices. Tune in to check em pics out.

SHIT® FLAG STORE, Oslo Manager, Jan-Thore Nilsen, aka Jay with one of his specialeties. Bs Wallie-footplant. (Pic: Alex Holm)

The streets are icy and slippery and are totally unskatable. And closest dry place skateable spot to Oslo shop is Tacky HQ's ramp downtown Oslo.
We we're invited and excited to skate with the Tacky boys, but unfortunately they went snowboarding in the mountains that weekend - so we took the case in our own hands and went in the back door. 

It was Oslo Manager Jay together with Markus Vik (Flow), Ellingsen and Goa that joined the action.

Tacky- and SHIT friend, the pro skateboard photographer Alex Holm, joined and nailed a series of pictures. Check em out here.

This is the headline on Wednesday last week. (Pic: Alex Holm/

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