24.03.10 - Jay aka Jan-Thore Nilsen is the shop Manager in Oslo and a comitted team skater. Did you know he's Norway's first and only sticking a McTwist in a Vert? Tune in to get to know him a bit better, or simply visit him at SHIT® FLAG STORE, Oslo.

Jay is a all terrain skateboarder. Street, bowl, vert... He eats it all with great apetite! (Pic: Alex Holm)

Name: Jan-Thore Nilsen
Nickname: Jay
Residence: Galgeberg (Oslo)
Birth City: Oslo
Year born: 1978
Status: Engaged 
Occupation: SHIT® FLAG STORE Oslo Manager

Favorite web sites:
 Facebook, connecting people...haha 

Favorite food/dish and why: Sushi. Because I love fish.
Top 5 songs: wheels (Foo fighters), lift it up (son of light), the game (uncle deadly), finally here Opaque), om du var jag (Organism

Other interests:
Snowboarding and fishing
Years on board: 15-16
Set up: Shit deck horror skull 7,88,indy trucks, 51mm horror ribbs
wheels, shit bearings

Here's the first and maybe only McTwist on Norwegian ground by a Norwegian bloke.

Like to play with boards together with: Shit skateboard team, Adil Dyani, Alex Holm andmany more
Best spot/place to play and why: Nøsted hallen (Drammen), love it becouse it got street, bowl and a vert ramp...and Fredrikstad skatepark (big ups to Remi) Keep up the good vibes and deeper, sometimes to deep...
Best move/trick: (street/bowl) FS flips (Vertramp) Heel indy
Other sponsors: Skullcandy, Bern, sportsmann pride and Vox

Bad habit: Smoking
Notes or something else:  
Ask yourself a question you would love to be asked: 
what its a good day for Jay?
Sex in the morning then coffee, holla at some homies then skate around downtown...coming home to a sweet dinner... Am a pretty simple guy, haha

High five and shout out to:
Shit (Frode goa) for beliving and supporting me, Mom and Dad, my girlfriend (Vesla) for supporting me, skullcandy (Andre and Harald), VOX, sportsmanns pride (Helge.B), Bern (Martin) Adil Dyani, Alex Holm (smmoth pic`s man), Son of light (bring em tapes bro) BC (my dog) Remi (Keep up the good work at Fredrikstad skatepark)...and to those i have forgotten, you know how you are!


Jay shreddin the bowl in Fysak Skatepark in Bergen Feb 2010 during our SHIT SK8 CAMP. Bs Ollie One Foot Tailgrab. (Pic: Alex Holm)

Visit SHIT® FLAG STORE Oslo and give Jay a high-5!

You'll see more of Jay during this upcoming season.

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