20.05.10 - New Spring 2010 Fingerboards in stock. Same quality and finish but with a new Classic graphics. Improved fingerboard grip. Completes only! Reduced prices with 20%!!!

The Classic SHIT TB Chaos graphics transferred on our new wooden fingerboards. In stock now!

SHIT® FINGERBOARDS are made of real wood, and of 4 ply’s. On the top we have original griptape as the original normal skateboards.
The pack you will see on display is a fingerboard with trucks and wheels assembled and a sheet of grip beside, so you can “grip-it” on your own.

We have improved the grip with a softer and more sticky grip compared to the rough real grip.

SHIT® FINGERBOARDS are sold as completes. (Assembled with trucks, wheels and grip)

Price for a Complete Fingerboard is 249,-Nok/29/45$. NOW ONLY  199,-Nok/25/34$!!!
(20% rebate).

Click here to purchase.

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