16.05.10 - We improve our deck appearance online from flat pictures to 3D animations and more pics to get to understand the shape and size of our decks. Specially made for the confidence of online purchasers. All new ICE-CREAM decks NOW in 3D...

Here you see the new ICE-CREAM WWI rotating. Notice the top print detail...

We’re improving the online appearance on all our new decks.
The first decks out is the ICE-CREAMS plus the new Classic TB Chaos KIDS deck.
This improvement makes it is much easier for you to understand and get the feeling of the shape, size, concave and graphics of the deck.

Every new deck has several describing pictures and are in addition shown in a 3D animation were the deck is rotating.

Here you see the new ICE-CREAM Sl-iced deck... 

Side view so you can see the concave-, angle and size of nose and tail.

A flat picture were you see the cool graphic.

A Perspective picture for a better understanding of the deck.

Here's the 3D spinning animation.

We hope you become more confident chosing your next deck. And we hope this makes it more confident purchasing online.
This new feature is on all new decks.

Click here to get the complete deck overview. The top 5 listed decks have this new feature.

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