14.06.10 - The SHIT SK8 Team were in Italy recently meeting up with the Italian flow skaters, visiting core shops, sk8 school, memorial day, filming, shooting pics, joining contests, visiting the distributor and having good times.

Gustav in the final with a basic Fs 50/50 grind. (Pic: Elena Bertolini)

The Italy trip was fast and hectic, and much was achieved.
Tonnesen placed first in Bowl, 2nd in Street and 2nd in miniramp at The Spot contest in Ostia just outside Rome.

Italian Flow skater Manuele Mariotti placed 5th in bowl and 7th in mini.
Italian Flow skater BARO placed 3rd in street and 6th in mini.
Mentzoni placed 5th in street.

Congratulations Manuele, BARO, Mentzoni and Gustav!

Gustav with a Fs 180 Sw Overkrooked. (Pic: Elena Bertolini)

Mentzoni with a classic Bomb Drop. (Pic: Elena Bertolini)

The Team. From Left: Goa, Tonnesen, Mentzoni, BARO, Ellingsen and Mariotti. (Pic: Elena Bertolini)

A great achievement for the SHIT Team in Italy.

Stay tuned for the "Where the FU#K is Martin?" flick with the SHIT Team in Italy.  

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