25.06.10 - Norway’s most prestige street skateboard contest went down this past weekend. Norway’s best skaters were invited. We got Kim P and Tonnesen on, and last mentioned won it.

Gustav with a Bs 180 Nosegrind. Pay attention to the wet ground... (Pic: Alex Holm)

BS Invitational is Norway's most prestige skateboard contest. And it went down in the streets of Oslo. 
The weather was wet and bad, but the organizors made it with great luck and many bangers got captured.
Our BRO Team skater Tonnesen and Flow Team skater Kim P was both invited and they skated good. Gustav ended up winning again. 

Congratulations Gustav!

Gustav with a Fs kickflip in a nice flick with Gustav's contribution at BSI on (Pic:

Click here to check out the BSI flick containing Gustav on

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