17.06.10 - This year's sesh were the first one in big Oslo, the capitol of Norway, and the sixth in SHIT CITY aka Stavanger. It was a great event with a whole lot of new tricks busted and more people joining the celebration of Norway's constitution day the one and only way: SKATEBOARDING!

The crew increase for every year. (Pic: Frederik Wik).

This year was our first time in Oslo. A tight core handfull crew had a very cool event at Frognerparken. Despite this crew of five skaters, they all had a hell of a time. Best trick- and game of sk8 contests was pulled off with some bangers and the atmosphere was great.
Thanks to the ones showing up representing real skateboarding at Norway's most important day.

The crew in SHIT CITY gets bigger and bigger for each year. This is our sixth year pulling this off. And the level of skills are just mindblowing. This flick confirms it all. Watch out for switch, fakie and nollie tech at the best trick.
Thanks to everyone showing up at Kjelvene joining the celebration skateboarding.

New deck for this lucky scredder. (Pic: Frederik Wik)

A special thanks to Jay, Mentzoni and Frederik Wik.

Here is the flick.

Filmed and edited by Frederik Wik.

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