27.07.10 - We have been rolling thousands of kilometers already with our latest investment; The SHIT® DEATHSTAR! We´re PUSHING SKATEBOARDING FORWARD. We still have many thousand kilometers to go...

The travelling crew with some fans in front of the SHIT® DEATHSTAR that are rolling throughout The Kingdom of Norway.

We have had dosen skateshows, met hundreds (maybe thousands..) of skaters-, fan´s-, and happy people. And we´ve got many new friends and fan´s!
In terms we had some tecnical problems online we here give you a little taste of what went down so far.

Guest Star and secret SHIT® US Flow Team Skater Sean Hernandez visiting Norway and joining the tour. Blunt Fs out.

Our little shredder and Flow Team skater, Marcus Vik, posing with some fans...

Special Guest and PRO Snowboarder, Kjersti Buaas, joined some shows.

Our Flow Team Skater Marcus Vik with a Kickflip Rock Fakie in a slippery ramp in Lillesand between the rain.

Signing posters is a part of the job. Mentzoni love it!

We still got many cities and events to visit.

If you pass The SHIT® DEATH STAR on the road you should hunk the horn and we´ll wave back! And if you see us parked somewhere, or show up in your local skatepark, come over and you´ll get a signed poster and sticker! 

We´re looking forward to meet YOU!

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