06.10.10 - A new dark Collaboration saluting the woods and nature of The Kingdom of Norway that we love so much. Hereby the title; NORWEGIAN WOODS. We´re playing with the acclaimed ANTI design agency in the capitol of Norway, and we invite YOU to the VIP Launch Party!

The much acclaimed design agency ANTI with the hard Dead Kennedy’s inspired logo have been following SHIT® for nearly a decade. The crew is among top Norwegian designers and illustrators and has background as skateboarders back in the 80´s and early 90´s when it was TOTALLY ILLEGAL, (How sick is that?), to skate or to own a skateboard in Norway.

Sooner or later the paths had to cross and we´re happy for the outcome and that it became a reality.
Norwegian Woods project tell much about ANTI and SHIT®; Anti is known for playing with “the dark side” in an esthetic and provoking way. SHIT® loves PLANET EARTH and makes a lot effort in multiple ways keeping a healthy earth.
A perfect match so to speak.

This Norwegian Woods Series graphics got it all;
Dark-, Ecological and environmental friendly Bamboo decks-, see through bamboo look that gives a great look and environmental friendly look-, Ecological Bamboo and Ecological Cotton blend T-shirts and Tote Bags fabrics.

The best part is that these decks come in a series of ONLY 100pcs each. Sold as completes or separate decks. Collectable items. All are marked from #1 to #100.
The T-shirts come in ONLY 220pcs in each color. (Pure Black and Pure White).

Ecological Bamboo Cruiserboard w/grip 899,-
Ecological Complete Bamboo Cruiserboard w/grip 2 299,-
Ecological Bamboo Longboard w/grip 1099,-
Ecological Complete Bamboo Longboard w/grip 2 599,-
Ecological Bamboo and Cotton blend T-shirts 549,-
Photograph, 50x70cm, signed and numbered #1 to #100 by the photographer Pål Laukli, 499,-

The Official Launch VIP Party will be at ANTI in Kristian Augustsgt 16 downtown Oslo this upcoming Friday 8.October at 18:00.
The products will be revealed here this very moment.
All products will be possible to purchase at this event. 

The first 20 persons showing up get a FREE signed photograph and a warm hug from Pål Laukli.

RVSP to NOW! (First come first served)!
18years age limit. We serve FREE alcoholic beverage as long as it lasts.

Products will be available for purchase week 41 in
here on and in a few more handpicked shops.

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