24.10.10 - We continue our fun Halloween skateboarding event, skating in costumes and having a good time on the skateboard. This time we visit a new city, bringing tricks, inspiration and Team skaters. Which city will we visit this year?

SHIT HALLOWEEN COSTUME SK8 SESH 2010 poster. (Artwork by Remi Juliebo)

This is a annual event for motivating skateboarders, having fun and PUSHING SKATEBOARDING FORWARD
The Halloween costume sk8 is a happy gathering in the spirit of Halloween. And we will have a lot of fun and a lot of laughts skating in scary and funny costumes. 
Skateboarding in a Halloween costume is hillarious and also a bit difficult. And the most fun part is that you sometimes can not tell who is behind the costume. 

This year we will visit HAUGALAND SKATEPARK in Haugesund. Mentzoni´s hometown.
Mentzoni is the host and we hereby announce that some crazy and fun contests will be down. 

We will also have a contest where the skateboarder in best costume skating best will be the winner. 
A special prize for the guy with the best costume as well.  

Cover charge is 30Kr for members and 50Kr for non members. The cash goes to the park.
Doors open 18:00. Event starts 19:00.

Bring some cash to buy hotdogs, chocolate, coffe and soda in the park by Haugaland Skate.
We insist in parents showing up and dressed up as well. Bring a chair for your own comfort!

We bring the red SHIT tent and have special prices on lot´s of stash. You can pay with cash or credit card.

Pic: Remi Pedersen

Last year we visited Fredrikstad, and we hope they continue the HALLOWEEN costume sk8 this year, and many years in future. Cause it is a whitty gathering bringing a new fun thing into skateboarding. 
Our BRO Team skater Mentzoni is especially interrested in Halloween. And in 2008 we let him make a limited edition SHIT® HORROR BRO Deck Series that we launched upon Halloween in 2008.
It is Mentzoni himself that did the graphics by hand.
This idea became an success for the company so we continue with a new series of decks every year.

This year we launch two new HORROR decks and make a new little twist - GLOW IN DARK printed decks.
Stay tuned for product pictures out here soon.

We do a Halloween costume sk8 every year, and you can read about previous events here:
-Pics and story about the 2009 event
-Pics and story about the 2008 event
-Pics and story about the 2007 event

Saturday 30.October 14-16 we will hang out at Beatboard in Strandgt 116 downtown Haugseund.

Tonnesen hurt his leg during the Tromso camp and will most likely not make it in terms his doctor recommend him no skateboarding. 

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