08.11.10 - Tom Vesthaug, our little shredder (5 years), yet not announced as Flow Team skater here on, have become medias attention in Norway the past month. This past friday he was headlining the Norwegian DRAMMENS TIDENDE newspaper.

Tom Vesthaug, 5 years, cover on DRAMMENS TIDENDE (Norwegian Newspaper).

Well. It´s now official that Tom Vesthaug, 5 years of age, from Drammen is on our Flow Team. Despite his young age he is skating very good. We have ever seen a young kid skateboarding with that kind of guts and a huge smile on his face. 
He has already dropped from a Vert. 
Tom as well as SHIT and SHIT Founder Frode Goa have had a lot of attention the past month regarding this unique sponsor agreement.

Log on to SHIT on Facebook and check out Tom´s youtube flicks.

The newspaper spread.

The newspaper.

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