19.11.10 - The ´´old boss´´ Nollie Backside Tailslides into European Magazine Cover.

A nice Nollie Bs Tailslide in a child hood spot. (Pic: Alex Holm)

The "old boss" of the company is on the cover of latest issue of Boardsport Source Magazine.
He is captured in his hometown Randaberg, the countryside of Norway.
Source is a business magazine with seperate German, French and English issues distributed in Europe.   

History repeats...
If you have paid attention to the company´s history, you will have noticed that this is the second time "the old boss" get the Source cover. Last time was back in 2006.
See the cover below here. Shot by Petter Garaas.

Cover from Spring 2006. Kickflip to Fakie in Oslo. (Pic: Petter Garaas)

Check out Boardsport Source online at

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