10.02.11 - Time has come for the Trademark to change distributor for the German market and make the Trademark more attractive and more convenient for the EU market.

Int. Sales Rep and BRO Team skater Ellingsen in Wurzburg in Germany. Wallie Bs Tailslide. (Pic: Frode Goa)

The exclusive rights to distribute the Trademark for Germany have landed on FOB Europe Distribution in Wurzburg, middle of Germany.
FOB Europe´s sales reps will the upcoming weeks be touring Germany with an exciting FW 2011 collection, as well as a small immediate spring 2011 line with delivery in April. All ecological clothes, premium skateboards and hardware.

The SHIT Team was recently in Berlin in Germany and made this nice flick!

(Filmed and Edited By Espen Grundstad)

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