06.05.11 - Time passes by rather quickly. And before you know it we´re already in May. The Spring SHIT KICKS are out, followed by the new Spring clothes. Many new and exciting products! Everything are available to see and purchase online. New Flicks are also out and much more exciting have happened so far in 2011. Tune into to get yourself UP TO DATE!

Surf´s up pal! SHIT Team Surfer Jan Erik Jensen with one of the new T-shirts. (Pic: Eirik Knudsen) 

Lot of good news the past months if you are not up to date on SHIT and New SHIT KICKS are just out, and the feedback and sales are very good. A complete new SHIT Collection featuring some new items such as Chino pants and Cardigans are also just in house, and the feedback is also very good here.
We have reduced the prices so you who like our stuff can get more of it and save some money. Price reduction is despite the cotton pricing internationally have increased by 50% the past year.
A bunch of new Flicks are also out and we are Teaming up new hot rookies to our Skate Flow Team. 

Surfing has always been a important part of SHIT. And it has got more attention here on for every year. It is from the surfing in California (Venice Beach) the skateboarding is born back in the 50´s.
Take a closer look
here when we met CRAZY DOG (Ray Flores) from the original DOG TOWN and the Z boys from Venice Beach in California.  

Here are the HIGHLIGHTS with direct links for the past months in 2011. Click the links to read more.
-SURFING NOT ALLOWED Documentary. SHIT Team Surfer Jan Erik Jensen representing on National TV, NRK.
-SHIT Featured in European Fashion Magazine X-Ray.
-New rookie on board; ODDA.
-SHIT Mascot and Flow Team Skater Marcus Vik with a nice Flick.
-SHIT Team Surfer Jan Erik Jensen #1 overall surfing champ Norway in 2010.
-New German Distributor.

-SHIT US FLOW Team Skater Sean Hernandez Introduction Flick.
-SHIT US FLOW Team Skater Tim Nichols Introduction Flick.
-Highlights 2010 - Just in case you have not read it yet.

The crew increase for every year. (Pic: Frederik Wik).

Our Traditional SHIT 17.MAY SK8 SESH is coming up. BRO Team Skater Martin Mentzoni will be the host in Stavanger. We will be celebrating Norway´s Constitution day the one and only way - SKATEBOARDING! Stay tuned for complete info.

You can check last year´s event
here and get yourself ready, excited and stoked!




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