29.06.11 - The SHIT SUMMER TOUR 2011 is ongoing. Our KICK OFF was up in North of Norway at Honningsvaag a month ago. No skateboard team have ever been up so far north - stoking, motivating and throwing off skateboard contests. Now we have! Many nice pictures.

A tight and core skateboard crew from the far, far North of Norway, namely Honningsvaag. Here together with SHIT Team skaters. (Pic. Mads Dyrstad) 

The skateboard scene in the Norht of Norway are not big, but it is tight and they have a new nice skatepark downtown. We had a very good time. The first day with sun,skateboarding, bbq, meet and greet, poster signing and more fun. A perfect day. Second day the weather gods were mad and it rained, so skateboarding indoor was the only option. But it was fun and the local skateboarders were good and had fun.

Click here to see the image collection by Mads Dyrstad, Honningsvaag local.

This is history. Maybe the first blunt to fakie captured on picture from the North of Norway, so far up North nobody ever been before. Pic by: Mads Dyrstad.

We are looking forward to a visit again soon.
A special thanks to Mads Dyrstad, Guro Aino Kasin Antonsen and Nordkapp Kommune. 

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