09.07.11 - It´s summer time. The flowers are blooming, we are surrounded by blooming flowers and a beautiful colorful nature. The SHIT SUMMER 2011 COLLECTION is also colorful and happy. Here you have a little taste of whats just around the corner.

A little taste of the SHIT SUMMER 2011 COLLECTION. (Pic: Frode Goa).

Summertime is a good time, and an especially good time for Norwegians, because it lasts just a few months. (June to August).
Summer is a happy time where the Norwegian nature is blooming and are colorful and beautiful.
Inspired by the summer we sprite up our new collection by adding more colors.

The pictures above are just a little taste of what´s on the way. Much more will come! 

From top left:
SHIT X EBOY ( (More info upon launch)
SHIT Diamond logo. New color. Purple print on graymelange fabric.
Skateboarding in Norway from the 70´s.
SHIT Pirate T-shirt in a new colorway. Red and graymelange.
Last picture down right; Detail of the new SHIT Pirate tee.

Stay tuned for an update about when the new SHIT SUMMER 2011 COLLECTION.    

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