07.09.11 - We take a closer look at the new SK8 T-shirt that just arrived. The tee has an authentic picture of a young skateboarder freestyling in Oslo in Norway back in the early 70´s.

Skateboarding in Oslo Norway anno 1970´s. Roger Pedersen performing a HANDSTAND. Maybe Norway´s first skateboarder ever?

Roger Pedersen started skateboarding in the early 70´s and might be one of the pioneers in Norway´s skateboarding history. The Norwegian skateboarding history is quite young and it is hard to find pictures and other proof material.  
One of the new T-shirts is named SK8 and is a authentic picture of a young guy skateboarding in Oslo in Norway back in the early 70´s. It is an old school HANDSTAND trick that was hot back in that time period. Performing a handstand on a skateboard requires much skills even today, and it is seldom seen. Legends as Mike Vallely are still doing a lot of those old school tricks with a new twist.

The skateboard that Roger is riding on the picture above is home made by Roger himself. If you look close you will see that there is no nose kick on the board, only a tail kick.
Roger and his friends made homemade skateboards in the 70´s and 80´s in his parents garage.

If you have information, pictures or other proof of skateboarding in Norway, or even a Norwegian skateboarding in California or Sweden, not published from the early 70´s or even earlier we are interested in it. (Contact us at post at shittm.com).


Roger Pedersen is very proud to cover the new SK8 tees. Here together with Frode Goa in the Oslo shop.




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