25.04.12 - Martin Mentzoni says goodbye with Love & Respect to this 10+ year´s commitment and sponsorship with SHIT SKATEBOARD COMPANY!

Mentzoni signing posters for fans on SHIT Tour. Pic: 

Mentzoni has been with the company forever. Now time has come for a change... Mentzoni signs off SHIT.
Mentzoni have contributed a lot, and have been comitted to the brand since day one.

Martin Mentzoni´s own words;
"I would like to Thank Frode Goa, for having such Faith in Me and helping me getting to where I am today.

Nobody Believed in Me back then, not even myself. Thanks for supporting and loving me for all those years.

SHIT SKATEBOARD COMPANY is a HUGE chapter in My Life and it always will be. But this is the end of one book and the start of another. What adventure I have ahead of me now is unknown, but I'm excited to start fresh with blank papers and start filling them up with as many, and hopefully more; crazy, Loveable and awesome stories.

Thanks to EVERYONE who has ever supported me, even the ones that Hated me: you have all truly inspired me.

I'll see you all on the streets, in the skateparks; Skateboarding never Dies!

Also a special Thank you to everyone who has ever been a part of SHIT in any way, especially; Kim "the Tank" Stokke, Fredrik Naerland, Gustav Tonnesen, Toggi, Eirik Svendsen, Steffen Austerheim, Andy (Anders Jacobsen), Johakim Bjelland, Erik "Odda" Sandstaa, Heitor Da Silva, Kristian Naerland, Ellingsen, the UK-Team: Satan aka Nathan, Johnny, Ash, Serial Killah Timmy  + Italian Team and everyone involved in the SHIT TEAM and The Last Man Standing; Frode Goa <3

Frode, The Road was Insane but you did one hell of a job! Biggest thing skateboarding Norway has created and done something with. Loved or Hated: SHIT SKATEBOARD COMPANY will be remembered by all those who Skate in Norway<3

Love You All, Let's Continue to
Hugz n' Hi's from Martin Mentzoni

Here´s Mentzoni´s deck history. The final deck was strange enough No. 13! 

Board names from top left:
1. Signature Series
2. Portrait Series
3. Badge Series 
4. Crow
5. Holy Series
6. Horror Series by Mentzoni. Naerland model
7. Horror Series by Mentzoni. Tonnesen model
Horror Series by Mentzoni. Mentzomni model
9. Bronz H Series
10. DUKE Series
11. SHIT X 1349 Collaboration, Mentzoni Signature
12. Mug
13. I <3 Pussy

Every single board is unique and has it´s own story behind the artwork. It would be a dosen of pages more to cover it all here now. Browse through our News Archive or just google it. 

Take your time to check out Mentzoni´s part at the GOOD SHIT Promo DVD launched back in the days;

Mentzoni <3 coffee. This is a fresh pic of Mentzoni. Pic. Private/Instagram 

Follow Mentzoni on Facebook, Myspace and Instagram. (Search for Martin Mentzoni). 

We wish Martin Mentzoni all the best for future!




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