SHIT® X ANTI, Cruiserboard

SHIT® LIQUORICE 65mm Super Soft Wheels.

SHIT® X ANTI COLLABORATION, Norwegian Woods. Limited Edition of 100pcs.

Chinese Bamboo
Length: 29,8'
Width: 7,8'
Concave: Mellow concave
Shape: Rounded pin nose and pin kicker tail. Convex from tail to nose.
Wheels: Black SHIT LIQUORICE 65mm, 78A (Very soft)
Trucks: Black size 4,5'

Theese boards are made of Bamboo that are stronger and more environ-mental friendly than normal wood used for skateboards. This is a part of our contribution to make a difference in the world by making an effort. Read more about SHIT® REUSE PROGRAM here.

This is an collaboration between ANTI Design Agency in Norway and SHIT®.

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$ 429,00